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Lead Ingot


Lead was probably one of the first metals to be produced by man, being known since 3500 B.C., in agreement with archaeological discoveries done in Egypt. The oldest lead piece is in the British Museum and dates from 3800 A.D.. The manner in which prehistoric people extracted lead from its minerals is not well-known. However, there are vestiges of very rudimentary furnaces, done of stone, where these people heated up the lead minerals with bonfires (that burned wood and coal) to extract the element


Calcium Lead Alloy
Other Impurities Within Specified Limits
Calcium (Ca)
0.100 - 0.120
Aluminum (Al)
0.300 +/- 0.050
Tin (Sn)
0.600 +/- 0.050
Applications : For making Automotive/Tubuler/SMF/VRLA battery plates.

 Features & Applications:

Although uses for lead have decreased over the years, it still plays an important part of everyday life particularly as the starter mechanism for automobiles. The lead-acid battery, which performs this function, dominates the usage of lead, consuming over 80% of world production. The remaining 20% of production is divided into numerous end-uses including: underwater cable sheathing, ammunition, glassware, solder and roof sheeting.
Lead alloys are used in a range of applications including:
Solder: lead solder is used extensively by the electronics industry
Terne plate: iron and steel can be protected against corrosion by coating the surface with a lead based alloy.
Brass and Bronze Products: lead had traditionally been used in bearings and bushings to reduce wear and friction in certain type of machinery.
A component of lead-acid batteries 
?As a coloring agent in ceramic glazes
?As projectile for firearms and fishing sinkers
?As shielding from radiations
?As a coolant
?in electrodes in the process of electrolysis

we offer?

BROKEN HILL lead ingots of Australian company NYRSTAR

Over recent years the demand for lead has increased. This is mainly a result of an increase in Asia's automobile population and the growing popularity of the e-bike, particularly in China. In fact, the e-bike now consumes over 8% of world lead production. With the industrial growth of other Asian countries, the battery has a continuing and expanding role to play.

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